Let's start with the box in which all this stuff was stashed.

The 23’s.

Probably my favorite basketball shoes I've ever wore on the court. Elegant and lethal. I never felt more in control of my feet and, in turn, where my feet were leading me, than when I was wearing these shoes.

Crafted like track spikes, a feeling I loved, and technologically at the pinnacle with regards to grip and comfort, they're the Rolls Royce of Jordan shoes. I see a TON of Jordan 4s and Jordan 8s. Those are cool. Without a doubt. But the guy's number was 2-3. What'd you think MJ and Tinker were gonna roll out?

With this box were not only these incredible kicks, but there was a making-of DVD, full of extras and interviews and all sorts of goodies. Plus, the soundtrack for the DVD menu is this electronically wet and chill beat. . . The overall presentation was insane to me.

The intricacies of those shoes and the box seemed like a great spot to keep that which was intricate and important to me.