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Clean Slate


Travis Hawkes

Let's start with the box in which all this stuff was stashed.

The 23’s.

Probably my favorite basketball shoes I've ever wore on the court. Elegant and lethal. I never felt more in control of my feet and, in turn, where my feet were leading me, than when I was wearing these shoes.

Crafted like track spikes, a feeling I loved, and technologically at the pinnacle with regards to grip and comfort, they're the Rolls Royce of Jordan shoes. I see a TON of Jordan 4s and Jordan 8s. Those are cool. Without a doubt. But the guy's number was 2-3. What'd you think MJ and Tinker were gonna roll out?

With this box were not only these incredible kicks, but there was a making-of DVD, full of extras and interviews and all sorts of goodies. Plus, the soundtrack for the DVD menu is this electronically wet and chill beat. . . The overall presentation was insane to me.

The intricacies of those shoes and the box seemed like a great spot to keep that which was intricate and important to me.