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Clean Slate

Meet Me in the City

Travis Hawkes

A remake of a Junior Kimborough song, this is a top 10 song of all time for me. To put that in perspective, I just cracked the 46-day barrier with the amount of tunes I have.

I discovered the Black Keys when Rob Spreenberg dragged me through a forest of sweaty elbows and headbands to get within 20 feet of the stage and told me these guys are gonna change my life.

He wasn’t wrong.

I dove in and went after everything they did. The Chulahoma album was the first album of theirs I bought and I think it was a great place to start. I love discovering the remake of something first because then that gives me an excuse to research.
I figured out who Junior Kimborough was, I found old albums of The Black Keys and 4-track EPs like The Moan, where I discovered their Have Love Will Travel cover, which I think any rock band worth their weight in distortion pedals should play for an audience at least once.

Discovering that cover led me to The Sonics version, which might be the most famous and rawest, at which point I wanted to know who the hell started this thing and found out it was Richard Berry, just another one of those guys that had a hand in all those songs you know by heart because your older but cooler uncle played in his car when you were 9.

So yeah, it could be said that I go off the deep end with tunes. This Black Keys Meet Me in the City song is different, though: far more important to me. So much so that I storyboarded a music video to it.

Here are the shots, in order, from right to left.