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There's a line out there, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal."

T.S. Eliot had something there, but in order for someone to commandeer someone's creation and not be a plagaristic chump, they've gotta make it their own. Their own work must not only follow the blueprint, but while being inspired by what came before, that work should pay it forward and inspire those that may come across it down the line.

This is what I've come across, by scroll or suggestion, that motivates me to forego sleep in order to do something cool.

See something awesome, take the stuff you like from it and put your own twist on it...
Or just enjoy it and let it be. I think some other guy said that.


Vega International Night School

Travis Hawkes

I get all the more amped when an artist that I'm all about comes out with something immersive. When they come up with something that's bursting with goodies. 

  • Hidden links to random websites

  • Phone numbers that lead to eerie voicemails

  • Pages and pages of forum posts with speculations and bad screennames

  • Multiple meanings and coy thoughts revealed in subsequent interviews

Gimmie all of that and a side of Youtube and I'll spend eons of hours of valuable time on.

Notice I didn't refer to time spent as "lost" or "wasted." I'm doing what I do.

While I climb off my barstool I've redefined as a soapbox, check out the plentiful amount of media Alan Polomo, aka Neon Indian, has released alongside his newest album, Vega INTL Night School

Call 512-643 VEGA to talk about VEGA INTL. Night School with Allan and Alan!

Soon after the album's release, there was a series of music "visuals" released that you could stream one by one.

There was even a short film released, titled


Directed By: Tim Nackashi & Alan Palomo
Executive Produced by Melinda Kelly
Produced By: Jefferis Gray
Cinematographer: Richard Card

There's even a HUGE storyline/oral history post to check out, created by a company called Yours Truly Creative.

All around cool stuff to dive into and make listening to what was already an "imaginative" album a way more immersive experience. I'll get sleep later.