Look down. Right now.

"Awareness requires a rupture with the world we take for granted." Technological philosopher Shoshana Zuboff threw that out into the world years ago. Perfectly put and sincerely realized after I watched this video.

I love these kinds of projects: random messages thrown in with images that you see daily, set to a song that'd make a champion weightlifter weep. I've made videos like these and always enjoyed them.

The comments on this video are enlightening, as well. And speaking almost solely English, the poetry of a foreign language is also a major draw. Add in the fact that it's edited cleanly, uses a fantastic song from Interstellar and has all the makings of a high-priced production but could've also been covered on a weekend by one shooter with a tripod, a few of their friends and a boatload of color correction, my imagination runs wild with this video...

And then it's over. Play again.

Alberto Gastesi has a fantastic Vimeo page featuring a few other videos I enjoyed, including a short film, Alejandra. Give him a shot.