Less than a god, more than a man...

One of, if not the first, edits I ever made was a Michael Jordan highlight. It was to this song - Steve Miller Remix - and it wasn't that bad. Looking back, I can remember it not being fantastic, and if I ever find it, I'll toss it on here, but for now, just imagine a few stop-reverse edits and grainy color correction.

He made it watchable.

Anyway, once in a while, when I'm in need of some inspiration or just need to remember what it was like to watch this guy rule the landscape, I go to this Youtube channel - Hoopsencyclopedia - and it's a great way to relive what I remember and discover what I never got a chance to see.
Here are examples of both:

Here's a really well edited piece, what might be the last great edit that originates from his highlights. In HD, too.

Michael Jordan. Nick Miller said he was "the first man that taught me that I could love a man." Comedic and sarcastic, but I can't deny it. Watching him was like watching a waterfall originate: it was sudden, powerful and elegant all at the same time.

23 forever.