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There's a line out there, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal."

T.S. Eliot had something there, but in order for someone to commandeer someone's creation and not be a plagaristic chump, they've gotta make it their own. Their own work must not only follow the blueprint, but while being inspired by what came before, that work should pay it forward and inspire those that may come across it down the line.

This is what I've come across, by scroll or suggestion, that motivates me to forego sleep in order to do something cool.

See something awesome, take the stuff you like from it and put your own twist on it...
Or just enjoy it and let it be. I think some other guy said that.


Tomorrow's another day...

Travis Hawkes

"Don't do tomorrow what you can do today."
~ Benjamin Franklin, followed by everyone that's come across an image search for "crossfit motivation."

Crossing things off your list. Bringing things across the finish line. Ask anyone that's been deemed, by their own hand or someone else's, a "creative" person and they'll tell you it's a sad realization when they look at the 4 or 5 projects that they've been "creative" with for a spell and not one has had a bow tied around it.

Amongst a few things more weighty in life that I'm getting to, I've put off a lengthy list of things to watch. From dvds literally collecting dust to that storyboard of that one idea I had while I was driving home, I sincerely hope I can get to it all and hope that, at the very least, my reviewing what I've put off I may actually get to instead of simply remembered that it's been stored. My "Watch Later" collection on Vimeo, a list I've accumulated without the faintest intention of getting to, is something that I discovered and I figure putting most of them here would give me a better shot at checking them out.

If you've seen them and know of something just as mesmerizing or informative, stop by my contact page and let me know what it is and how you found it. Over this past year, I've learned that I'm as responsible for putting out my own work as much as I am for vocalizing my approval for that which spurs me on to go after it even more. To not purvey the knowledge is to worsen your own future.

Can't say I've seen that on any Instagram.

Did find this, though. Enjoy Neil Armstrong's inspiring finish, and then some cool stuff to watch.