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There's a line out there, "Good writers borrow, great writers steal."

T.S. Eliot had something there, but in order for someone to commandeer someone's creation and not be a plagaristic chump, they've gotta make it their own. Their own work must not only follow the blueprint, but while being inspired by what came before, that work should pay it forward and inspire those that may come across it down the line.

This is what I've come across, by scroll or suggestion, that motivates me to forego sleep in order to do something cool.

See something awesome, take the stuff you like from it and put your own twist on it...
Or just enjoy it and let it be. I think some other guy said that.


Hiro is kinda my hero

Travis Hawkes

Hiro Murai

I was scrolling through my Vimeo likes and I realized that Hiro Murai, a director based out of LA, has stranglehold on half my list.

He's been a major purveyor of images that have ran parallel to one of my favorite musician's best works.

He's hypnotized me into spending hours watching the same video over and over.

And even after all that he's made, he still humbly stoked when his creations garner attention, just as I hope to be.

I could keep going on and on but I'm walking dangerously close to "thirsty" conditions so I'll just say that homey is a badass and I hope I can work with him or at the very least gank some dope move he does and thank him for it later.